About Us


Our Mission:

To work with the industry to reimagine the duty free experience. Delivering convenience, value and choice whenever and wherever you travel.

Our Vision:

To create the world’s most open, inclusive, efficient platform for duty free shopping and loyalty programs.

It all started when…

We began our journey at Asia Pacific’s largest fintech hub - Stone & Chalk. Since establishing the startup, the team has built a platform that has won awards across the globe and has over 5000 hours of core development and IP.

SkyBuys was accelerated and sponsored by Airbus through their innovation hubs in Toulouse and Hamburg (2017-18). In 2018 we were a finalist in Lufthansa & SAP’s aviation technology challenge.

After making a strong impact early on, the startup has attracted a number of high profile industry professionals who have joined the SkyBuys team.