Our AIRLINE Mission:

To work with airlines to provide a $o cost integration solution and deliver an innovative retail technology for the duty free and travel retail industry.

Our AIRLINE Vision:

TO Grow Ancillary revenue for airlines, whilst reducing weight by removing UNNECESSARY weight onboard from duty free trolleys.


SkyBuys simplifies and maximises the duty free shopping retail opportunity. We deliver an exceptional retail experience to passengers at all times on their journey.

SkyBuys converts the duty free in-flight trolley to an interactive SkyBuys App that creates a more personal experience with the passenger.

Airlines possess unique retail and communication opportunities. We help airlines take advantage of travel retail opportunities to connect in a meaningful way to a passenger with time to consider a meaningful purchase.

With airlines accounting for <5% of duty free, we are here to help them communicate in a meaningful way with the travelling consumer.

SkyBuys has already had live orders in-flight via free wifi services. The SkyBuys app’s minimal bandwidth requirements provides passengers a fast, seamless and frictionless experience in-flight without disrupting airline service levels or distracting staff.

SkyBuys also is uniquely positioned to help reduce airline carbon emissions. One major international carrier calculated that 100 kg less on each plane in their passenger fleet would trim the fuel by 2.6 million Euros annually - and reduce CO2 emissions. SkyBuys can remove hundreds of kilograms every flight whilst maximising ancillary revenue opportunities, in-flight and before passengers come onboard.