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Ways to Save Money for Your Travel

You may have started off this year with a good intention of finally booking that dream trip. But after a hard couple of winter months, you may have found your savings too little to finance your trip. Do not give up. There is still more you can do to save enough money to book that fabulous summer getaway. Here is how.

Make a Budget

This should be your first step for a vacation planning. Before you even think about your savings, make a plan of where you want to go and where you want to stay and also what you would like to do while there. When doing your research, make a tally of how much accommodations, flight tickets, food, and any other activities will cost. Take the total estimate and consider a future spending budget plan and then work towards it.


Buy in Bulk

Even this is not always the best option, you may consider buying in bulk the items you are constantly using around the house in order to save a couple of bucks. You can achieve this by ordering from online stores who sell at discounted rates.


Stay Motivated

Always keep your goal in mind. Print out a picture of your dream destination and pin it on the wall. Make it your computer and phone wallpaper if possible. You can even go a bit further and Photoshop yourself into the picture if it makes the goal even more tangible. Looking at the picture will put you in focus and motivate you to work towards saving for your vacation. When you are about to make an extravagant purchase, looking at the picture on your phone will remind you of your goals.


Cut Out Convenience

It is an undeniable and an unfortunate fact that little purchases actually do add up. A couple of coffees at during the day, a pack of chips here and there can add up to unnecessary convenience costs. Go through your bank statement and look for the places where you routinely spend a few dollars. It is more likely that you are merely spending money just for convenience. Cut out on these small day-to-day purchases by stocking up on your impulse buys. Ensure you carry a re-usable cup to make your own coffee at work and carry home-made snacks.


Netflix and Save

It may be hard to hear this but you are probably spending hundreds of dollars yearly on various services that basically offer you similar services. Cancel your unnecessary subscriptions. If you are a fan of HBO, Kayo, Spotify, Stan, and other subscriptions, consider gathering some friends and setting up a family account. This way, you will cut down on the money you are spending if everyone agrees to contribute a few dollars towards the monthly subscriptions.

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